Gilbert’s Burgers and Fries 길버트버거앤프라이즈

Gilbert’s Burgers and Fries 길버트버거앤프라이즈

Mac and cheese on a burger? Yes please.


Brooklyn: The Burger Joint

After spending Chuseok running around like crazy and then two weekends recovering I was ready to get out and explore again, so I got a hold of my friend Mika  because it'd been many many months since I'd last seen her. Last time we'd hung out we checked out a palace and just wandered around [...]

Line Friends Cafe and Store

Line Friends are the mascots/stickers for the Line app. An application from Japan for keeping in touch for free around the world, calling or messaging. They also have special features that allow you to add one of their official accounts to your chats that will translate for you and your friends. Super handy. There are two stores in [...]