Markets-Laos Night Market and DT Supermarket

One thing to keep in mind while in Luang Prabang is that it is a city with a curfew. Which means there's no late night shenanigans, no drinking at bars or clubbing or singing and dancing until one am. Places close up shop and you'll be expected to leave so that the workers can clean … Continue reading Markets-Laos Night Market and DT Supermarket

Wat Xieng Thong ວັດຊຽງທອງ

There are a lot of temples in Luang Prabang to check out but with our dwindling time I only had time to visit one, so I picked the one our local guide and CEO both suggested. Wat Xieng Thong opened in 1560 and during the monarchy times of Laos this temple is where the crowing ceremonies … Continue reading Wat Xieng Thong ວັດຊຽງທອງ