Markets-Laos Night Market and DT Supermarket

One thing to keep in mind while in Luang Prabang is that it is a city with a curfew. Which means there’s no late night shenanigans, no drinking at bars or clubbing or singing and dancing until one am. Places close up shop and you’ll be expected to leave so that the workers can clean up and make it home before the curfew. Which means that places like the markets start closing up around ten pm.


I didn’t notice the curfew on my first night in Luang Prabang, shortly after we arrived, we moseied through the night market eating crepes and looking at all the homemade crafts and wares for sell and I mentally made a list of things I wanted to come back and look at the next night.


We also went to the DT supermarket which- if you are in need of something and on a budget- is the place to go. Water, toiletries, snacks, and groceries can all be found at the DT supermarket a lot cheaper than at any of the convenience stores.

On our last night in Luang Prabang, after a dinner that ran rather late we made our way back to the night market to pick up any souvenirs we had wanted and to my dismay the market wasn’t nearly as busy as it had been the previous night and several of the sellers were closing up shop, this was around 9:30/10pm. Putting away their wares, rolling up mats, taking down tents and things on display and I mentally chucked my list and sped walked down the market place scanning for the one souvenir I figured I would kick myself if I didn’t get. Something repurposed from a bombie. Luckily I found one shop before they closed, and looked over rings and statues and picked out a little dull grey rabbit that they packaged along with a note about the history of bombies and why they transform them into art.

It was stressful. It was creepy. Walking back to our hotel when there was no one out and no traffic. Luang Prabang had officially turned its lights off and become a ghost town. Really be careful to be back at your residence before the curfew because even hostels and hotels might lock you out.

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