Sinseon Seolnongtang 신선설농탕 종로점

With only traditional soup as something we wanted to eat, Aaron and I struggled to find a shop that actually served it for dinner near when we left the Cheonggyecheon stream. We found one place but after sitting down realized that they didn't actually serve soup. It was either only available for lunch or for after … Continue reading Sinseon Seolnongtang 신선설농탕 종로점

Cafe Wednesday 카페수요일

While Aaron was visiting I really wanted to make sure he got to try traditional Korean tea, so after wandering around Insadong for a bit we decided on the Wednesday cafe. He ordered the 냉오미차자 omija iced tea (7,500 won) while I ordered the 수정과 cinnamon iced tea (7,500). We also ordered some tea snacks to split. … Continue reading Cafe Wednesday 카페수요일

Seoul Christmas Festival 서울 크리스마스 페스티벌

Finding something to do for Christmas in Seoul can be daunting. Especially if you put off making reservations for a dinner. I actually didn't end up doing any dinners this year. Instead a friend visited and it was their first time in Seoul so we went and saw the Seoul Christmas Festival, which started in … Continue reading Seoul Christmas Festival 서울 크리스마스 페스티벌

German Christmas Market

On the first Saturday in December I joined a friend to check out the German Christmas Market at the Deutsche Schule Seoul International. For my friend it was a confusing language nightmare since she's fluent in German, English and Korean and all were being spoken around us. The event started at 5pm and continued until 8pm … Continue reading German Christmas Market