German Christmas Market

On the first Saturday in December I joined a friend to check out the German Christmas Market at the Deutsche Schule Seoul International. For my friend it was a confusing language nightmare since she's fluent in German, English and Korean and all were being spoken around us. The event started at 5pm and continued until 8pm … Continue reading German Christmas Market

Sweet East Dessert Cafe 스윗이스트

Located in one of the winding paths of Itaewon is the Sweet East Dessert Cafe which specializes in funnel cake. A friend of mine mentioned it recently as we were discussing seasonal things we miss, like pumpkin spice lattes. I don't really drink pumpkin spice lattes but a lot of cafes in Chicago also made … Continue reading Sweet East Dessert Cafe 스윗이스트

Itaewon Global Village Festival 이태원지구촌축제

Every year on the main road of Itaewon there's a global village festival. Restaurants from throughout the neighborhood set up booths so you can walk down the street and try food from all over the world. There's performances, cultural events, a parade, and an insane amount of people, more so then even usual, in Itaewon. … Continue reading Itaewon Global Village Festival 이태원지구촌축제

Flying Scent Lab Cafe and shop

After our brunch in Yeonnam-dong's Bagel MTL we went off in search of a cafe, our criteria being that it must have air conditioning and seating available. After wandering around for a bit found ourselves at Flying Scent lab. Flying Scent seems to be a boutique with artists work for sale (but no photos allowed). The … Continue reading Flying Scent Lab Cafe and shop