Seoul Botanic Park 서울 식물원

Seoul Botanic Park 서울 식물원

After about 4 failed attempts to make it to the Botanic Park I finally made it, only to belatedly learn I barely scratched the surface.

The Garden of the Morning Calm: Lighting Festival 아침고요수목원 오색별빛정원전

Out in the mountains of Gapyeong is a surprisingly big town, with pensions of all kinds, cafes, and restaurants. It was really surprising to suddenly find ourselves in a somewhat dead but lively town. Maybe it was the wrong season, or Sunday's aren't particularly busy, but there were little to know people around and traffic was [...]

Field Trip: Children’s Grand Park

My school took me with them to Children's Grand Park in Seoul for a field trip. If you've got kids and are planning to go to South Korea this is a one stop for all the things kids love to do (and adults too). It has a botanical garden, art, a zoo, and an amusement [...]