Field Trip: Children’s Grand Park

My school took me with them to Children’s Grand Park in Seoul for a field trip. If you’ve got kids and are planning to go to South Korea this is a one stop for all the things kids love to do (and adults too). It has a botanical garden, art, a zoo, and an amusement park. All in one. Save a full day to explore it, maybe more than one. Best of all admission is free.

main enterance
main entrance

Since we had a schedule to maintain and tons of group photos that had to be taken we didn’t spend too long looking around, so there’s plenty we didn’t see. We went through the  robot styled art park and then a quick loop through the botanical garden. Then to look at the seals, snakes, monkeys and ferocious beasts in the zoo before stopping for a quick lunch. We saved the majority of the afternoon for the amusement park. The rides do cost money. Ticket prices vary by age and how many rides  you want to ride. I didn’t get one and instead just stood on the sidelines and waved on my students. My students loved it.

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