Shillagalbi traditional restaurant

After the parade we went out for dinner. We wanted traditional food  and found a restaurant really easily. We were sat with some men since there were only three of us and three of them. We had our own bbq cooking grate and our own table. We asked for what they were having and ended up with a somewhat expensive meal. But it was delicious. We had bbq galbi which  is a marinated meat that you cook yourself and then have side dishes with it. Some of the side dishes were spicy but it was a healthy meal. My favorite side dish other than the onions we got was a salad with a sweet fruity dressing. We also had a side of uncooked crab that my friend cooked and ate.



The meat was delicious and towards the end of our evening the men sitting next to us gave us some of their meat, american beef. It definitely tasted like american meat, a similar flavor and texture as a burger, though it didn’t look anything like one. I preferred the marinated meat that we had. It was a lot of fun.

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