The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House is a pancake chain that I had on my to-do list in Chicago that I never got around to going to. A friend was very adamant that it required getting up early and neither of us were quite free enough to make it work out when we could just go to Elly’s anytime we wanted. However I got a chance to try it out, here, in South Korea with Mika.


Mika and I had a huge day planned, mostly of eating. But when we arrived at Garosul-gil the first place we wanted to go to was closed until 5pm, and we were there at 11am. As we were walking around, looking for some place to eat, anywhere, there just wasn’t anything open. It was the last day of a holiday break and it seemed most people hadn’t gotten back to Seoul yet. As we reached the corner we spotted a giant sign saying Pancakes and both at the same time ran to the shop to see if it was open, and it was. There are two Original Pancake houses in Seoul and they have different menus. Mika has been to both now and pointed out that fried chicken and a larger lunch menu is available at the Itaewon shop.


I contemplated back and forth between coconut pancakes and chocolate chip pancakes and then at the waffles, at the half servings and the whole servings and the half and half servings. There were a lot of options and I wasn’t sure how much I could eat but I wanted to try both. I ended up settling for a half and half set where I got a half serving of coconut pancakes and a half serving of chocolate chip pancakes. It was lovely. Both came with whipped cream and butter and individual syrups, a pineapple (tropical) syrup for the coconut and a chocolate syrup for the chocolate chip. I didn’t really use much of either, they balanced each other out quite well. I also just drank water while I was there which helped. It was a nice warm filling breakfast for a cold day that reminded me a bit of home. It helps that I have a strong love for brunch.

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