Elly’s Pancake House-Closed

Elly’s Pancake House is a restaurant open 24 hours that serves any meal at any time. They make wonderful pancakes. I usually get chocolate chip pancakes because it’s a big enough portion  for me to take the leftovers home and eat them the next day. I also really like that they serve fresh fruit on the sides of some of their meals because by being a college student with a cafeteria of questionable food I know I don’t get enough fruit (or good fruit, I don’t know how my cafeteria manages to mess up on fruit but they do). It’s refreshing and delicious. I got some with the biscuits and gravy I had which I’d been craving.  They also serve crepes, waffles, french toast, eggs, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers and more.

One wall is covered in plates, the chairs are mismatched and the lights hang low with a naked bulb but they’re dim rather than a sharp bright light. There is a very comfortable booth seat that lines the wall with a higher level that is great for putting coats and bags while you eat rather than having to hold your things. Every time I’ve gone the atmosphere is quiet, peaceful, and relaxing.

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