Saint’s Alp Tea House

Saint's Alp Tea House is probably one of my favorite places in Chicago. Located at South Archer Avenue this tea shop restaurant serves some of my favorite teas and snacks. Throughout the time I've lived in/near Chicago I've gone here a lot. I've had the same waiter, accidentally and coincidentally almost every time I've gone. [...]

M Burger

M burger is a burger place with a couple locations, one in Watertower which is located at 835 North Michigan Avenue. They have monthly milkshake options, burgers, fries, vegetarian options, and a secret menu. My friends love to go there. I enjoy trying their different milkshakes. Both of the locations I have been in have [...]

The Meatloaf Bakery

Sounds weird doesn't it? It's actually delicious (well for those who consume meat). The Meatloaf Bakery is located at 2464 North Clark Street near Lincoln Park. This is not a vegetarian or vegan friendly shop. It's a bakery but everything is meat. They make cupcakes and pastries but it's actually all meatloaf of some form [...]