Little Goat


Little Goat is a diner/bakery/cafe with roof top events located at 820 W Randolph St. It’s actually right next door to de cero. A friend invited me to lunch there and I arrived a bit earlier than I had expected and was at a loss having gone in the bakery entrance. While I love sweets and bakeries I couldn’t figure out why my friend had invited me to a bakery for lunch but then after passing the stairs that lead to the rooftop and the cafe heading towards the bakery section I noticed a sign pointing to the diner and realized I’d come in the wrong way. It’s a pretty diner with a modern feel. The front door to the diner is a revolving door underneath a revolving goat sign, but otherwise the door itself is unmarked. When I gave them my name to see how long it would be until we were seated they also asked for my cell phone number and when our seats were almost ready they texted me, even though I hadn’t gone anywhere and was sitting right next to the desk. They serve breakfast all day, so both my friend and I figured we’d try their breakfast. I ordered their smoke corn beef and hash with eggs and a homemade biscuit. My friend ordered their Bulls eye french toast.


Their corned beef and hash was a lot different than I’m use to. Instead of chunks of potato the potatoes were in long thin strips like noodles and the meat was in smallish medium shaved flecks. It was a kind of fun take on it, but I get tired quickly with hash browns especially the semi burnt taste that they get when they’ve been cooked to a nice crispy brown. My friend loved them.


My friend ordered the bull’s eye which is definably not something I would have ordered. But that’s because I don’t really think of chicken and french toast as my go to breakfast. The bull’s eye french toast is eggs, crispy chicken, sweet onion brioche, and bbq maple syrup. None of that would have tempted me to order it, especially when it came out covered in strawberries and no visible egg or onion. My friend cut into it and the egg exploded from inside, not sure how they managed that, and she ate ever bite except for the bit she let me try. I liked it. The fried chicken tasted sweet but savory, and it had a nice flavor.

I had ordered something savory because I had noticed when we sat down their dessert menu and has seen they were kicking off Autumn with jack o lantern shakes with candy corn.


I kind of just stared at it when It arrived, looking for candy corn until I realized that they had candied popcorn with pumpkin seeds inside and put them on top. It wasn’t what I had expected but I liked it and the shake tasted like pumpkin pie.

Over all I liked Little Goat. Nothing we ordered came as I was expecting it to but we enjoyed it all. We showed up during the lunch rush and the place was packed and pretty loud but spent many hours chatting away and enjoying the music they had playing until it was empty and quiet. It was pretty expensive, especially for two people for lunch, but that’s how most of the restaurants are in the area, or at least that’s what I’m learning.It’s actually on the same street as one of it’s sister restaurants Girl & the Goat, which I’ve never been to but have only heard that it’s popular and also expensive.

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