Windsor Castle


Our fourth day in London was another full day of tours. We got on a bus and our first stop was to Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle is reachable via train but we went on our a tour bus. We wandered around the castle grounds and looked at the state apartments. Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest castle that people still live in, 39 different monarchs have called Windsor home.  In 1992 100 rooms in the castle were destroyed by fire. We also were able to see Queen Mary’s Doll House and St. George’s Chapel.


Queen Mary’s Doll House is the largest and most famous doll house in the world at a scale of 1:12. The doll house includes a library with miniature copies of books, a stocked wine cellar, and functioning electricity and hot and cold water.  It’s definably an interesting thing to see.


Our tour guide did most of her guiding while walking the grounds or on the bus since tour guides are not allowed in the state apartments. The castle has an option for a headphone guided tour in different languages.

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