The Meatloaf Bakery


Sounds weird doesn’t it? It’s actually delicious (well for those who consume meat). The Meatloaf Bakery is located at 2464 North Clark Street near Lincoln Park. This is not a vegetarian or vegan friendly shop. It’s a bakery but everything is meat. They make cupcakes and pastries but it’s actually all meatloaf of some form or another topped with pasta, mashed potatoes, or vegetables as an icing. I went with my aunt and we tried Omega-3 Loaf which is a salmon meatloaf with lemon, parsley, and dill, the ‘icing’ is a wasabi mashed potatoes with lemon-dill yogurt sauce. It was great, they heated it up and we sat and ate in the shop. The downfall is that this shop is a bit expensive. They offer ‘cupcakes’ which are $7-9 and suppose to be single serving and are fairly filling, loafs/tarts/cakes/pies which are larger and much much more expensive about $36-49. They also serve bites or ‘loafs’ which are mini versions like hors d’oeuvres. The shop is fun spin on a bakery, where nothing is really sweet but looks like sweets.


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