Kentucky Fudge Company at Dedman’s Pharmacy

Kentucky Fudge Company at Dedman’s Pharmacy

A short distance from the fort in Harrodsburg  is a place called Dedman's. Once a drugstore built during the civil war with a soda fountain added during prohibition has now been refurbished by the Kentucky Fudge Company. While named Kentucky Fudge Company does not mean all the serve is fudge. They have a pretty big menu [...]

Wisconsin- Downtown Bolder Junction

Bolder Junction Wisconsin was the small town near where we stayed on Fishtrap Lake. So we drove into town for supplies, wandered around, went to events and shops. Bolder Junction is home of the musky, a dinosaur like fish. The gas station is also the grocery, which when we went was still in the midst [...]

The Meatloaf Bakery

Sounds weird doesn't it? It's actually delicious (well for those who consume meat). The Meatloaf Bakery is located at 2464 North Clark Street near Lincoln Park. This is not a vegetarian or vegan friendly shop. It's a bakery but everything is meat. They make cupcakes and pastries but it's actually all meatloaf of some form [...]