Lyfe Kitchen


The Lyfe Kitchen is located at 419 North Clark Street in River North of Chicago. When a small restaurant we had tried to go to didn’t pan out a friend and I decided to stop here, partially to get out of the heat and partially because we were too hungry and tired to go much further. I’m very happy with our choice and loved it. There are a couple Lyfe Kitchen’s across the United States. Lyfe Kitchen works to use healthy fresh local ingredients. They’re a good choice if you have allergies to certain foods because they list what is in every meal, as well as if you have other dietary restrictions you should be able to find something on the menu.


Lyfe Kitchen serves gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options. I ordered a margherita flat bread and a ginger mint chia life water. I loved my flatbread, and I’m not a person who likes tomatoes when they look like tomatoes but it was really tasty and refreshing. With my drink I fought with the chia seeds at first and was pleasantly surprised to find a couple slices of strawberry in my drink. I enjoyed my meal a lot.



My friend ordered a Barramundi noodle bowl which is sea bass, soba noodles, mushrooms, scallions, edamame all in a kimchi broth and their classic lemonade. When her meal arrived I was confused expecting something akin to soup or udon instead the first thing I saw was a giant fish, the noodles were hiding under it. She enjoyed it, I had a bite and liked it but loved my flatbread more.


It was a bit confusing to get our hands on a menu without going up to order, we ended up just bothering someone and asking for one. There are however by the spot you order a little shelving unit filled with them, separated by everything, vegan, gluten, and vegetarian.  When we ate in they gave us numbers and we picked a seat setting them at the edge of the table so they could see them.  They also have a couple water options on tap to the side to drink your fill, like sparkling and ice cold water. By the water is where silverware and napkins can be picked up. I liked the atmosphere and I loved the food. They also serve breakfast.

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