South Carolina: Redcliffe Plantation

Redcliffe Plantation was completed in 1859 by James Henry Hammond and is the smallest of his many plantations. He named it Redcliffe because the dirt is red around the house and it sits up high. It was his show plantation, the party house, or the place to show off just how well he and his … Continue reading South Carolina: Redcliffe Plantation

South Carolina: Hopelands Gardens

While visiting family in Georgia we spent some time in South Carolina and one of the first places we visited was the Hopelands Gardens. The Hopelands Gardens were given to the city of Aiken and opened in 1969 as a public garden, however there are still private residences on the 14 acres. While we were … Continue reading South Carolina: Hopelands Gardens

Georgia: Savannah Rapids Park

For the holidays I've been/will be doing a bit of traveling in the US outside of Chicago. For Thanksgiving I went to visit some family in Georgia and we went to check out the Savannah Rapids Park. The Augusta Canal is on the Savannah river and it runs along the border of Georgia and South … Continue reading Georgia: Savannah Rapids Park

Bristol Renaissance Faire

For my last road trip I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois. We actually passed Six Flags Great America on our way. The Faire is open from 10am until 7pm on the weekends from July through September 1st (Labor Day, the only Monday they're open). My aunt and I left … Continue reading Bristol Renaissance Faire

St. Louis- Blondie’s Coffee, Wine, & Dessert Bar

When I visit my sisters one of the places we tend to go is Blondie's, usually for brunch.  They have a nice atmosphere and plenty of outdoor seating, though it's usually too hot when were there to want to sit outside.   When I was there last I ordered their Banana French Toast. It's sourdough … Continue reading St. Louis- Blondie’s Coffee, Wine, & Dessert Bar