Horseshoes: Kentucky Grill and Saloon

On our way back to Lexington from Claiborne’s we stopped by Horseshoes for lunch. They have two locations, both attached to Days Inn’s. There’s plenty of space and the walls are covered in racing photos.

I ordered their Country Fried Steak while my sister got a Kentucky specialty called a Hot Brown. What is a hot brown? Well…the original recipe called for Welsh rarebit/Welsh rabbit (no rabbits harmed), it’s made with toast slathered in cheese and maybe some other things added on. The Kentucky Hot Brown is an open-faced sandwich with turkey or ham buried under a layer of hot melted cheese usually Mornay sauce and then topped with things like bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and sometimes egg.


What I got was a lot simpler. Fried meat doused in gravy with a side of green beans, a roll and mashed potatoes also doused in gravy. Not healthy but pretty delicious.


Horseshoes in Lexington is open from 7am until 1am Sunday through Wednesday and from 7am until 2:30 am Thursdays through Saturdays.

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