Kentucky Fudge Company at Dedman’s Pharmacy

A short distance from the fort in Harrodsburg  is a place called Dedman’s. Once a drugstore built during the civil war with a soda fountain added during prohibition has now been refurbished by the Kentucky Fudge Company. While named Kentucky Fudge Company does not mean all the serve is fudge. They have a pretty big menu of things to choose from and no matter the day tend to be packed since it’s a local favorite.


I ordered their tomato and bacon quiche which came covered in cheese and asked the lady working what her favorite ice cream soda shop thing was which turned out to be a basic ice cream float. It was delicous.

The restaurant has three large rooms to choose from for seating, one being the classic drugstore/soda shop vibe which is where you walk into.

Before we left I also got some chocolate peanut butter fudge to go and a scoop of buckeye hand dipped ice cream to enjoy. (Yes I got ice cream twice, it was delicious.) My family also tried their Key Lime pie ice cream which I stole a bite of and was also great.

After ordering your food pick a table and stick your numbered spoon up in the empty bottle at the table so they know where to bring your order and expect to wait a bit. It was a really fun place to check out and the food was great. When we arrived it was pretty empty but as time went on it got packed with a line almost out the door, and the lady at the front desk said it’s was always like that.

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