Joseph-Beth Booksellers

I know my family is one of bookworms, but I didn’t realize just how bad our bookworm nature was until this trip. Somehow my eldest sister managed to include at least one trip to a different bookstore per day, and at most three. As a person with limited space in my luggage this was torture. Our first bookstore visit was to Joseph-Beth Booksellers. There are at least four in the USA, which makes it kind of a chain but also still an independent bookstore. We went to the first one that was opened, which luckily is in Lexington. The bookstore is in a mall, that seems empty of much else besides this giant bookstore. A couple expensive art shops and a back support shop were the only things along the way.


The bookstore was huge and beautiful and it was refreshing to walk around and see so many books. They also sold Kentucky souvenirs or gifts of literary nature. The store was so big barely made a dent while searching for books I’d been wanting to read. They also have guests, which my dad was kind of bummed that we wouldn’t be around for Bruce Campbell’s visit.


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