On our second day in Kentucky we got up early and headed straight to the Keeneland track kitchen for some breakfast.

The Track Kitchen offers a cafeteria style set up, which wasn’t too uncomfortable despite multiple reviews saying it was nothing special.

They offer a wide variety of American breakfast foods, though their special on the day I went was biscuits and gravy which was exactly what I wanted. They were doing a breakfast set with potatoes, egg and bacon/sausage, none of which I wanted. So instead I just got biscuits and gravy with a side of spiced apples and apple juice. Simple and delicious (and something I’ve missed).

The Track Kitchen is on Track Kitchen Drive and isn’t on all of the directional signs. It is off of Black Gate Drive which branches off of Rice Road, or you can take Silks Lane.

After breakfast we headed out to the track to watch practice, only to find that even though it wasn’t 10am yet, practice was over.

The only sounds were of screaming chirps echoing throughout the seats in order to scare birds off so they wouldn’t roost. It was a bit eerie, though probably more so if you’ve actually been on a race day.

The next morning we got up early and headed back to Keeneland to see the horses practicing. They start at 6am and continue until 10am. Though as we learned the previous day, showing up too close to 10am will leave you without a horse in sight.

Watching the horses practice is free, just follow the signs towards the track. The track is near the parking lot off of Old Clubhouse Lane and happens to be near the gift shop, though that is full of mostly fancy expensive clothing then much else.

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