Missy’s Pies, ect


My sister got a derby pie at one of the restaurants we went to and fell in love. So on our last day she looked up bakeries determined to head home with at least two full pies. The one she decided on was Missy’s Pies, ect. Missy’s Pies, ect is a bakery that also offers lunch sandwiches/wraps/quiche or take out lunch. While their menu doesn’t call the pie my sister wanted a “Derby Pie” they did indeed make it, calling it instead “Mayday Pie”. This type of pie is chocolate and pecans or walnuts.

While totally enamored by all their pies I ended up getting a slice of cheesecake to go which was a turtle’s cheesecake with nuts, caramel, and chocolate. It was rich and delicious though in a to-go container maybe not the prettiest.


Missy’s Pies, ect  is open from 8am until 8pm daily.


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