Mojo Books & Records

You’re probably wondering why we’re back in back in the USA. That’s because right before Chuseok my phone found it’s way back to me, courtesy of my aunt who sent it in a wooden tea box. While there wasn’t a lot of things I had a chance to do over the two days during the summer I was in Tampa, being a bit busy playing board games with my friends and trying their homemade mead, there were a couple of things which due to one of them closing leaves us with just Mojo Books.


Mojo books is an independent used bookstore and record shop that also has a super cute cafe. The bookstore is a mammoth maze of books that the owner and staff try to keep organized but with inevitable entropy. So if you’re looking for a specific book and you’re in a hurry it may be best to talk to someone at the front desk, otherwise I highly suggest taking your time to meander through the stacks and see what sort of treasures await. The shop is organized by genre and then if you happen to show up right after an organization day, by author. They also sell CD’s, DVD’s and vinyl records and occasionally have bands come and perform.

The cafe is a bit small with limited seating and when I went only one person working. Since they try to make everything from scratch means that you’re going to have to wait, which is worth it. Their shop is also super friendly to vegans with vegan goodies for sale and the ability to make the drinks vegan too. They offer tons of tea and coffee options as well as baked goods, popsicles, and two panini options. While I was there their special was a blueberry lavender Italian soda which I jumped on and ordered after finding a book I wanted. Though after I had ordered and was waiting I took the time to actually look at their chalkboard menu and was dismayed to see that I had missed the opportunity to try their Butterbeer latte. Take your time to see their whole menu because they have some really cool things that might be hiding from you.


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