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For the first time this year I spent Chuseok outside of Korea. The airport was utter madness seeing as this year Chuseok lasted for ten days, but it was worth it. I went to Japan, starting in Osaka to visit a friend. I’ve only been to Osaka once before and all I saw was USJ. Which was fun, but I wanted to see more. I booked a stay at the Premier Hotel-Cabin-Osaka and headed there.

The Premier Hotel-Cabin-Osaka is located outside exit 2 of the Minami Morimachi station which has connections to the Sakaisuji Line (brown line K 13, local and semi express stop here but the extra limited express Hozu does not) and the Tanimachi Line (purple line station T21). It also walking distance of the JR Touzai-Gakkentoshi Line at Osakatemmangu Station. Exit two is convenient but all stairs which is not the best for a person with luggage. Upon exiting out exit two turn right, walk past the cafe and the enterance to the hotel is on the corner. The hotel is clean and nice but when they say they don’t start check-in until 3pm they mean it. Since I arrived in the morning this was a bit of a hassle because I didn’t want to open up my suitcase in the lobby to get things I wanted out of it. But they are nice enough to hold your luggage for you and once your room is ready they will take it up, after asking for your passport to scan it. (You will get it back don’t worry) All you have to do later is return with your receipt for your bag and finish the check-in process.

Since I had lunch plans shortly after I arrived I asked for the wifi password and settled down in their lobby which sadly didn’t have any outlets to charge my phone that I could find. The hotel also includes a restaurant on the second floor where all meals are served but which weren’t included so I didn’t visit, a cafe next door and several local convenience stores.


Since I was staying by myself with a limited amount of luggage the room size was perfect, though I could see how trying to fit more people in the room and more luggage might make things a bit cramped. The room included a fridge with two bottles of water that they replenished daily, pajamas, slippers, coffee and tea (including a very salty plum kelp tea), toothbrushes and toothpaste, razors, hair brushes, cotton swabs, a body wash cloth (all individually packaged), a humidifier/air purifier, shoe shine paper (didn’t try it on my tennis shoes), shoehorn, clothing brush, clothing deodorizer spray, a safe and more. There was even a sign in my room saying that they offered room spas where you could make a reservation and someone would come up. They also offered a couple of usb outlets which was nice.


Last time I stayed at a hotel in Japan it didn’t go so well, but I really enjoyed my stay at the Premier Hotel-Cabin-Osaka. It was decently easy to get to where I wanted to go from my hotel, the bed was comfortable and it was nice having access to a bath again. They’ll even hold your luggage for you or send it if you want to enjoy your last day in Osaka without lugging it around. The only downfall I would say is lugging your suitcase up and down all the stairs from the Minami Morimachi station.

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