I met my friend for a late lunch around the Grand Front Osaka which is one of the large shopping malls near Osaka station and Umeda station. (This area can be a bit confusing) Kyu is located on the 7th floor of the South building of the Grand Front Osaka. It’s open from 11am until 11pm. I ordered their pork bowl (a type of butadon 豚丼) set which was 1,000 yen or about $10.

menu, the item I ordered is the center left

It included their salad bar, miso soup and cold noodles with jalapenos on top. With the salad we already had plates at our table and just wandered over to the small space to make our own salads. They had a wide variety of dressings and options to make your salad which was fun and helped curb my hunger since it was a rather late lunch and I hadn’t eaten much of a breakfast and it took a bit for the pork bowl to come out.

The pork bowl was delicious and simple, just marinated pork with an army of onions on top of white rice. If you’re not sure what you want there isn’t much English available but there are wax versions of all the food outside the shop and the menu includes pictures.

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