The City Bakery

After eating another meal at the Grand Front Osaka, this time in the basement (Sora is nice, they do noodles and you order via a machine) I noticed something on one of the windows. A place called The City Bakery was advertising pumpkin pie. I haven’t had pumpkin pie in nearly 3 years and I ran in only to find they had sold out for the day, but with the help of my friend was able to place an order for a slice the next day. Which just required my name and number. I also paid for it ahead of time and showed up the next morning at 10am.


It was delicious. Part of me wished I’d bought a whole one. Pumpkin pie at The City Bakery will be until the 31st of October as part of their Halloween specials.

They also offer a variety of other baked goods and cafe treats.

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