Artopolis is a restaurant and cafe located in Greek Town at 306 South Halsted Street.


I ordered their tropical iced tea and my friend ordered a mocha, iced. The mocha was strong and the iced tea was just like a normal iced tea.


My friend also ordered a baklava square that she loved. Baklava is a desert made with layered fill, walnuts, honey and vanilla syrup, it has a light sweet flavor and can be sticky and messy to eat. They serve a couple other flavors of baklava.


I decided to order the greek cookie plate with a dipple  on the side. I’m not sure which cookies were what kind, however it was fun to try a bunch of cookies and to share them with a friend. Two were dipped it chocolate with jam holding them together, the white one covered in powdered sugar made a mess, one was coconut, I didn’t like the sesame seed one all that much, and I absolutely loved two of them, one soft and a bit like a spice cake, the other sort of collapsed when I bit into it and had a fun texture. The Dipple is the large folded pastry on the upper right of the plate, it has a honey and light sweet taste to it, my friend and I both enjoyed it.

We had to ask specifically for the dessert menu since we were there for the cafe side of things and not the dinner/lunch menu. I wasn’t very impressed by their service, it moved slow and when we needed something our server wasn’t very helpful. It may have just been an off day but it was a bit frustrating.

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