Cafe Prague


Cafe Prague is a Czech restaurant located at 6710 West Belmont Avenue. A friend told me about Cafe Prague, since I had been to Prague and might enjoy some Czech food. The first time I tried to go I tried to go with all of my classmates from Prague, however I had just gotten back from London (coming soon), and had a fever. I mentioned it to another friend and she said she’d go with me so we made plans and took the hour long trip out. I took the blue line to Belmont and then took the 77 bus towards Cumberland. I’d never been in the area before and had been slightly worried but it was the middle of the afternoon and the bus was filled with active older people. The restaurant was empty and I was able to pick whatever seats I wanted while I waited on my friend. I liked the atmosphere, and it was comfortable. When my friend arrived I debated between Beef Goulash or fried cheese. My classmates loved eating fried cheese in Prague and I thought it’d be fun to have. However I went with the beef goulash and I ordered it with potato pancakes instead of the homemade bread dumplings.



It was good except some of the potato pancakes were a bit burnt, but it was nice to have something from Prague.

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