Oak Tree


Oak Tree is a restaurant and bakery located in the 900 North Michigan Shops at 900 North Michigan Avenue. They serve breakfast all day while their restaurant is open. I went with a friend who has been going there with her family for a long time and ordered tea and french toast. We didn’t go at an odd time so the restaurant was quiet and peaceful. I wasn’t sure what kind of tea they had so our waiter went and got a box full of individual tea packets and held it while I dug around trying to find something, which I found awkward. I ended up picking the first one I saw that I figured would be a simple tea. They brought me a teapot full of hot water and a tea cup with lemon for my chamomile citrus tea. I asked for some honey which they brought me shortly while my friend requested for some milk to go with her tea as well.



The french toast I ordered was a cinnamon raisin brioche with sautéed banana and mascarpone. It came with syrup and a mound of butter. It was all really good.

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