Dylan’s Candy Bar


Dylan’s Candy Bar can be found in other cities around the United States, but the one in Chicago opened recently at 445 North Michigan Avenue.

There are about three levels in the Candy bar, the first opens up with bins filled with candy where if you find a worker, and there are several available to help out, they’ll give you a free sample of something you want to try. When I went they suggested I try chocolate covered Swedish Fish and I was surprised to find it was good. They sell novelty and nostalgic candy. The nostalgic candy can be found on the second level in the back of the store both out and in time capsules. The time capsules are broken into decades starting with the 50’s and going to the 80’s.

The store is working to include a cafe and an event space in the spring which will be on the third level. The air is sweet and the bar has a fun Willy Wonka-esq atmosphere to delight most candy lovers.  All of the workers were really friendly and helpful and it was fun to try candy I hadn’t ever had before from strawberry banana jellybeans to chocolate rocks.


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