Saint Louis- The City Museum


Before we left our super short trip to Missouri and cutting my trip with my sisters remarkably short we made a quick stop to the City Museum. The City Museum was created by an artist of international acclaim, Bob Cassilly who  with the help of 20 artists opened the doors in 1997. The museum use to be an international shoe company and is now 600,000 feet of beautiful eclectic madness. 10250197_709378942443771_4880580032526669396_n

When we went, on a hot weekend, it was packed. But in this museum you can go anywhere and everywhere. You can climb (if you are a small child or height and comfortability with darkness and tight spaces) under the floors and between the walls. You can get from one floor to another by taking the stairs or a slide or climbing through metal pathways that resemble slinkys.


The museum is huge, four floors at least filled to the brim, and an outdoor area to explore and the roof where you can see a ferris wheel from a distance. We didn’t go up because we were to exhausted and since it was hot out worried about burning ourselves on everything since it’s made of metal.


Pretty much anything and everything has found a home here. You can walk amongst large barrels, climb up trees or sit in a mermaids mouth while looking at the turtles and fish.


There are little spots to eat throughout and each room seems to have a different theme of sorts.


While we went there was a section closed off for a wedding.



There are many slides throughout the museum, the biggest being a 10 story spiral slide.







Even if you spent all day and looked over every nook and cranny you could probably still miss things, some of the walls are made or decorated with metal type and blocks for letterpress, in the corners can occasionally be games, I found by a light switch a button that you push that shoots up a ball. It’s definably a fun thing to go to and enjoy. I would worry though about losing small children in certain areas, especially in the tunnels under the floor.


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