The Other Side


After our Hop On Hop Off tour my cousin and I were exhausted, so we went back to our hotel and took a nap. Not exactly what I planned to do on our trip, but it was 100% necessary, since we were struggling to stay awake walking back from the train station. When we woke up it was dark out and we were hungry so we went out to explore our neighborhood and hunt for dinner.  We tried to find places that were cheap and after wandering around looking at menus we ended up at The Other Side. I ordered their pasta and my cousin ordered a pizza. I suppose our brains weren’t quite back to functioning level because my cousin hadn’t meant to order an entire pizza to herself, but she did and said it was chewy. My pasta was rather bland, but I ate all of it and it was edible, just bland.


The redeeming quality and best part of the meal at The Other Side other than price, was the milk shake I ordered.


I ordered a Sticky Toffee milkshake and absolutely loved it. Their menu includes a rather surprising and large selection of milkshakes for an Italian restaurant. Overall the restaurant isn’t particularly good but it’s cheap and they  have good milkshakes.


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