Ken-Kee Restaurant

Ken-Kee Restaurant  is located in Chinatown at 2129-A S. China Place. It’s located right next to the zodiac square in new Chinatown. I went with a friend who ordered noodles and a Tangerine Lemon Iced Tea that tasted like a Starburst candy. They brought us tea when we sat down and left us alone unless we needed them.



I didn’t find much in the menu that peaked my interest and realized it’s been a long time since I’ve gone the boring route of getting chicken and broccoli. When I was little chicken and broccoli was all I would ever order at a Chinese restaurant. The chicken was surprisingly every so slightly sweet rather than what I’m use to and I enjoyed it with the little bowl of rice I received on the side.



I liked the atmosphere of the restaurant and I kind of wish I’d been in a more adventurous mood, but every dish I found had something I didn’t particularly like.

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