Saint’s Alp Tea House

Saint's Alp Tea House is probably one of my favorite places in Chicago. Located at South Archer Avenue this tea shop restaurant serves some of my favorite teas and snacks. Throughout the time I've lived in/near Chicago I've gone here a lot. I've had the same waiter, accidentally and coincidentally almost every time I've gone. [...]

Ahjoomah’s Apron

Ahjoomah's Apron is located in Chinatown at 218 W. Cermak Rd. Ahjoomah's Apron is a traditional Korean restaurant. The restaurant has along the wall information and history on a lot of the food served at the restaurant. A friend and I went to Ahjoomah's Apron for lunch. We ordered Mul-mandu as an appetizer while we [...]

Joy Yee Noodles and Smoothies

One of the places I take people to eat is a popular restaurant called Joy Yee Noodles (located in Chinatown). It's usually a popular place because of the smoothie station. During some parts of the summer the smoothie station will be set up like a small town ice cream shop where you order at the [...]