Saint’s Alp Tea House

Saint’s Alp Tea House is probably one of my favorite places in Chicago. Located at South Archer Avenue this tea shop restaurant serves some of my favorite teas and snacks. Throughout the time I’ve lived in/near Chicago I’ve gone here a lot. I’ve had the same waiter, accidentally and coincidentally almost every time I’ve gone.  It’s relatively inexpensive and everyone I’ve taken to it, has absolutely loved it.


No matter when I go I always get a milk tea. When I’m not feeling super well I order their ginger milk tea, otherwise I order either their almond, coconut, or taro milk teas. Usually without the tapioca pearls. Sometimes I get a jumbo pot of tea which gives you about two cups of tea, the regular size pot of tea give you just about 1 cup full.

My favorite snack to get with my tea is a plate of crispy glazed sweet potatoes. I also like to get their samosas though I didn’t see it on the menu last time I went so they may not make them any more. The other tea snack I enjoy is their Classic toast, I get mine with coconut butter and toasted almonds. You can get it with other things on it or order their supreme toast. I’ve also tried their tea eggs. Their crepes are pretty good and so is their food.

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