Fabcakes is a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dessert cafe in Chicago’s River North at 714 North Wells. It’s relatively easy to get to from the Chicago Brown Line stop or the #37 bus. I met up with a friend there for a late breakfast.


I ordered a chai latte and my friend ordered the vanilla rose latte. They make their own syrups so the flavor was rather light but healthier. But it came in a rather large mug so there was plenty. We also decided on their french toast bagels. My friend ordered hers with Nutella and banana and I had mine with the homemade cinnamon butter and it came with strawberries. We split them, the Nutella was ridiculously sweet in comparison to the cinnamon butter, but both were delicious if somewhat messy.


The cafe is rather small and when we arrived most of the larger tables were taken up by people with laptops working and enjoying the wifi. When we ordered their card machine was down and they were taking cash only and they told us to just pay before we left. I assume they do that on not super busy days when people just sit and work for hours and hours. When we left they put the rest of my friends latte in a to go cup and reheated it, and also heated up a brown sugar cinnamon apple fabcake that we ordered to go. It was kinda small but soft and sweet. They don’t have a particularly large menu mostly bagels and sandwiches for breakfast and salads and sandwiches for lunch. Even without a lot of food options we enjoyed what we ordered, the atmosphere, and friendly helpful staff.

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