Menchie’s is a chain frozen yogurt shop that I hadn’t seen before outside of the suburbs of Chicago. I thought the little character mascot was super cute and everything in the shop tends to follow that theme.  They were selling stuffed animals, pencils, pins, and t-shirts with the mascots on them as well as a wide variety of frozen yogurt and toppings.

I ended up mixing three different frozen yogurt flavors; first I selected the swirled version of ice cream sandwiches and cookie butter, then a layer of coconut, and on top I put their limited time only reese’s peanut butter cup slam dunk. It worked rather well. I was surprised to see all the options of toppings. Such as fresh fruit, candy, cookies, cereal, popping boba, chocolate dipped strawberries, and syrups.  I put strawberries (not dipped in chocolate), a maraschino cherry, andes mints, and Oreo bits. They give the option of either putting crushed bits or the entire cookies on top. Out of all the frozen yogurt places I’ve been they’ve had the largest selection of toppings.


Menchie’s was a fun experience even in winter. I’d never been to one before but after checking out their store locations it seems like they’re slowly working on making sure they’re everywhere. So if one opens up near you I hope it’s as nice as the one I went to, with it’s own little fireplace and cute modern decor. The one I went to was at 1027 North Elmhurst Road in Mount Prospect Illinois.

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