Chi Cafe

Chi Cafe can be found in new Chinatown at 2160-A South Archer.  At first my friend and I were a bit confused because there were only four items on the menu up at the front. We asked to look at the menu, sat down, saw the menu was actually a lot bigger and decided to stay. We ended up get tasty jellyfish which was a bit spicy for me and I found it had an interesting texture. My friend ate most of them and tossed several into her udon to give the udon a kick.


The Udon that she enjoyed.


I ordered chicken fried rice.


We also ordered hot honey tea. My friend ordered the lemon honey tea and I ordered the ginger honey tea, after trying to order the pear honey tea, but they were out. They ended up coming in small cups with all the ingredients in them, so no tea bags. I’d assume the pear or date honey teas they also offered came with slices of pear or dates in the tea. It was a bit disappointing for the tea to be so small and I asked about the milk tea they had on the drink menu but they only had one flavor. I’ve been spoiled by other shops when it comes to milk tea.

Chi cafe pretty busy. Our table was also a desk/drawer so when they brought us our food they opened the edge of the table and pulled out napkins, soup spoons and chopsticks. The restaurant got pretty busy when we we’re ready to leave, so it became difficult to flag down our waiter and pay to leave, we were left alone a majority of the time. Chi cafe was suggested to me by a classmate because it has pretty cheap options, and my friend’s udon wasn’t that expensive for the amount she got.

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