Noc Kostelu and Noc Museum

One of the events that one of our teachers told us about while we were in Prague was Noc Kostelu, Night of Churches. On this night many churches throughout the city are open for free. Usually the churches cost money to go into and look around. So Noc Kostelu is a great way to get in and see some of the beautiful art, architecture and just the inside of the churches. Different church groups do different things, at one we got to listen to a woman sing opera. Not all of our photos came out well, especially since it was night and some of the churches didn’t have many spot lights on.



For Museum Noc, or Museum Night a lot of the museums are open for free, like church night, and both happen relatively near one another over the summer. When we went to Noc Kostelu it was a large group of people, but for Museum Noc it was just my teacher and myself. We had a booklet full of different places where we could go. There was a Sherlock event that we tried to at the police museum, but it was pretty packed and a bit hard to find at first. They had people in the courtyard dressed up in old fashioned clothing and were showing the police dogs and letting them do tricks, they also had the fire department and police officers hanging out.


I wasn’t feeling well that night but my teacher and I tried to make it to as many places as possible, we went to see the the ceska filharmonie which was awesome. We weren’t expecting to see them because it was packed but we found them randomly on accident in a smaller room. We also popped into a decorative art museum where we got to see some beautiful clocks amongst other things, at the end it spit us out into a park where people were performing music. We also went to a synagog and looked around, until I got too tired from being sick to continue on anymore.

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