Leterna Magica: Legendy magické Prahy

Leterna Magica or the Magic Lantern was on a list that our teacher suggested we all go to. Laterna Magica is a non-verbal theater, so it's friendly to anyone of any language. The performances are done through dance film and black light theater. Black Light Theater or Black Theater is done through black light illusion, [...]

Praha Srdce Národů Gala Concert

Praha Srdce Národů is a cultural celebration, an international heart of nations. It is an annual joint performance and celebration of folk arts of minorities within the Czech Republic. One of my teachers invited us all to Gala Concert, not a lot of people said yes, so I went with two of my teachers and one [...]

The Grave of Franz Kafka and New Jewish Cemetery

At the grave of Franz Kafka, a beautiful jewish cemetery, overgrown and filled with plant life, girls must have their shoulders covered and guys must wear a hat, they have (kippah's) at the entrance to put on. Franz Kafka's grave is located at the New Jewish Cemetery which was established in 1891. The cemetery is free to [...]

Fringe festival

Fringe Festival is a large performance festival we attended in Prague. It happens all of the world, they have one here in Chicago. In Prague it happens every summer, so right on time for when we were there.  The Fringe Festival is based off the model of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which is the worlds largest [...]


One of our teachers who had been hosting yoga in the parks in the morning offered to take us to Vyšehrad.  Vyšehrad includes a huge park that our teacher wanted us to do yoga in but she also wanted to show us the birthplace of Prague. We saw a couple wedding processions at the St. Peter and St. [...]

United Islands of Prague

United Islands is a huge free international music festival in Prague with stages on different islands throughout the Vlatava river. The event is super popular and pulls in a huge crowd of people from around Europe. It started rather late in our trip to Prague and so on our last days we would gather and [...]