One of our teachers who had been hosting yoga in the parks in the morning offered to take us to Vyšehrad.  Vyšehrad includes a huge park that our teacher wanted us to do yoga in but she also wanted to show us the birthplace of Prague. We saw a couple wedding processions at the St. Peter and St. Paul Church and the St. Martin’s Routunda.



We saw the local ravens and a dress rehearsal at the summer stage which is a roofless amphitheater.


Vyšehrad is a great place to get a beautiful view of the city of Prague.  Parts of the ruins you see below are the Baths of Libuše.


We visited the Vyšehrad graveyard as well which has some of the most unique graves I’ve ever seen. So many of them included statues.  After yoga in a shaded part of the park we stopped at a restaurant called V cafe for a snack and drinks.  V cafe is located at K rotundě 3. When looking around for something to eat, check out the menu’s first, a lot of places around Vyšehrad  are pretty expensive. I ordered lemonade with forest berries in it, it was refreshing and they definably packed it with berries. DSC02534
It was a super hot day so we probably didn’t see as much as we could have.  There is a ton more to see at Vyšehrad which is located at V pevnosti 159/5b, 128 00 Praha 2 and can be reached via the Vyšehrad  metro stop or other tram and bus stops.

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