United Islands of Prague

United Islands is a huge free international music festival in Prague with stages on different islands throughout the Vlatava river.


The event is super popular and pulls in a huge crowd of people from around Europe. It started rather late in our trip to Prague and so on our last days we would gather and sit on the grass and listen to the music. There are several large boards up around with maps of the river and where things were and where the stages were. There were volunteers wandering around selling CD’s that included about one song from most of the bands and musicians that were attending the event and the proceeds went back into the festival so they could continue to host it as a free outdoor summer event.


Around the festival there are little places to grab food. There was one spot where the booths just continued on and on with a ton of food options, such as vegetarian, vegan, and places where giant chunks of meat were roasting over a fire or being grilled. I ended up getting a giant potato pancake which was super greasy and a bit much for me, but still pretty good. Also, tons and tons of beer.



When it starts getting late the stages empty out and everyone heads to the night clubs where the music and dancing continues. About 20 or so clubs around Prague open their doors to host musicians and DJ’s and other musical acts throughout the night. I didn’t attend any of these. Instead I enjoyed little impromptu picnics with friends and tons of sunscreen while listening to musicians I’d never heard of before and enjoying every second of it.

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