Gunpo Royal Azalea festival 군포철쭉축제

Gunpo Royal Azalea festival 군포철쭉축제

A free flower festival to view the Azalea's in Gunpo. It happens yearly shortly after the cherry blossom season ends.

Itaewon Global Village Festival 이태원지구촌축제

Itaewon Global Village Festival 이태원지구촌축제

Every year on the main road of Itaewon there's a global village festival. Restaurants from throughout the neighborhood set up booths so you can walk down the street and try food from all over the world. There's performances, cultural events, a parade, and an insane amount of people, more so then even usual, in Itaewon. [...]

Lotus Lantern Festival Parade

In Seoul there is a lot to see and do for the Lotus Lantern Festival. However if you don't want to/or can't stay downtown for the weekend you have to pick and choose. The Lotus Lantern Festival happens in early May in celebration of Buddha's Birthday. A friend and I picked the parade. The parade [...]

Bristol Renaissance Faire

For my last road trip I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire on the border of Wisconsin and Illinois. We actually passed Six Flags Great America on our way. The Faire is open from 10am until 7pm on the weekends from July through September 1st (Labor Day, the only Monday they're open). My aunt and I left [...]

Story Week: Festival of Writers-Canceled?

Story Week Festival of Writers is a free week long annual event downtown Chicago. It's put on by Columbia College of Chicago and several other sponsors. The events include panels, Q&A's, readings, and performances. Authors, editors and agents come into town for events, readings, book signings, discuss the current state of affairs from their view point in the world [...]

Japan fest

Japanfest is an event in the suburbs around Arlington heights. This year it was held at the Forest View Educatonal Center at 2121 South Goebbert Road. They have different events, performances and exhibits. I attended with my family and looked around the exhibits then watched the Fuko Kyudojo or mediative archery demonstration. They explained in the [...]

Millennium Art Festival

The Millennium Art Festival is the last weekend in May and the beginning of June for a weekend located at the end of Millennium Park at the cross of Lake Street and Michigan Avenue. It's free and filled with booths of art, paintings, photography, innovative designs of jewelry, candles, wine/alcohol corks, wooden box musical instruments, glass [...]