Esplande Theaters by the Bay- the search for the Merlion

Esplande Theaters by the Bay- the search for the Merlion

The merlion is considered the emblem of singapore, and maybe my white whale. While I may have missed it I did get a chance to visit the beautiful Esplande theaters even if briefly.


The Metro is a concert hall and bar that opened in 1982 located in Wrigglyville 3730 North Clark Street. It can be reached pretty easily off the Addison red line stop.  Each time I have been to the Metro it has been for Story Week. The workers tend to be really nice, and since I'm usually volunteering for [...]

Fringe festival

Fringe Festival is a large performance festival we attended in Prague. It happens all of the world, they have one here in Chicago. In Prague it happens every summer, so right on time for when we were there.  The Fringe Festival is based off the model of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which is the worlds largest [...]

United Islands of Prague

United Islands is a huge free international music festival in Prague with stages on different islands throughout the Vlatava river. The event is super popular and pulls in a huge crowd of people from around Europe. It started rather late in our trip to Prague and so on our last days we would gather and [...]

Noc Kostelu and Noc Museum

One of the events that one of our teachers told us about while we were in Prague was Noc Kostelu, Night of Churches. On this night many churches throughout the city are open for free. Usually the churches cost money to go into and look around. So Noc Kostelu is a great way to get [...]