The Metro is a concert hall and bar that opened in 1982 located in Wrigglyville 3730 North Clark Street. It can be reached pretty easily off the Addison red line stop.  Each time I have been to the Metro it has been for Story Week. The workers tend to be really nice, and since I’m usually volunteering for Story Week so we’re given drink tickets. I would usually try some of their themed drinks they made especially for the event. I don’t know if they do this for other events, but since it’s Story Week is a literary festival the drinks served at Literary Rock and Roll included mixed drinks like the Yellow Wallpaper (named after the short story with the same title by Charlotte Perkins Gilman).

Whether I was on the main stage floor or on the upper level that looks out to the stage. Both levels have a bar. This last story week I worked tech so I sat with a laptop right in front of the bar, roped off. When there was free time I could turn around and request a drink. Water bottles cost money at certain events too, so I’ve learned to bring my own. School also had a night there for graduation, but I couldn’t make it, driving myself insane running back and forth from classes, (I had a Friday night and Saturday class), move-outs at work, and visiting friends at ACEN.

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