Virginia-Page Theater


Last time we were in Virginia my dad and I went to the movies. It was right before I went to college and the movie we saw was Toy Story 3, I admit I cried, but since Andy was going off to college and I was too, it makes sense. What we loved about the theater was that it’s beautiful on the inside.  We ended up watching Toy Story 3 in the Egyptian room, and even though the seats were small and we were probably the only ones in there watching the newest Toy Story we were blown away that the room had huge sarcophagus on the walls.  So when we came back we wanted to check out the other rooms, knowing that there was an Chinese room, a medieval room, and a greek room. However there are 7 rooms in the theater and we didn’t luck out, but it was still a nice room, and even if the room we were in wasn’t decorated the decor in general throughout is still nice. It’s probably one of my favorite movie theaters I’ve been in.

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