Harold Washington Library


The Harold Washington Library is located in the South Loop at 400 South State Street. The Library stop for brown, pink and orange lines stop right next too it and the harrison red line stop is nearby. The ten story building draws many eyes  especially for the owl statues on top looking out over the city clutching scrolls. The Harold Washington Library has free wifi and on the 9th floor, is a beautiful indoor winter garden.  The library houses a multitude of events  including the Big Books Chicago, teen events, author events, and more. The library is beautiful and a nice place to stop by and wander around. The Youmedia/teen section is located on the main floor along with new books, media, and ask a librarian. The second floor houses the children’s selection, and the third floor is where everything else starts and you can get your library card. Security is at the exit of the third floor and you have to show them your bag and receipts for checked out items before you leave. I’ve attended many events in the basement in the Cindy Pritzker Auditorium, many readings and interviews such as one with Judy Blume, a reading from Lifeline’s performance of “Neverwhere”, and I’ve volunteered for plenty of Storyweek events held there as well.

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