Seoul Book Bogo 서울책보고

Seoul Book Bogo 서울책보고

Looking for something to read? Just want to wander around looking at books for awhile then grab a coffee? Want to see what the indie book art and zine scene looks like? Seoul Book book is a book depository with a little bit of everything for any kind of bookworm.

Namiseom Island Children’s Picture Book Library

Sometimes I don't find out when things are happening until really late. It's like all the times I told Santa as a kid that I just wanted surprises has all come forth to this point in my life in an explosion of last minute trips and information. This one I found out about during lunch [...]

The British Library

Before I left for London I had a meeting with a teacher who goes to London often. She suggested I visit The British Library and check out their Treasures Gallery and exhibits, specifically the original handwritten manuscript of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures Underground which eventually became Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The British Library turned out [...]

Harold Washington Library

The Harold Washington Library is located in the South Loop at 400 South State Street. The Library stop for brown, pink and orange lines stop right next too it and the harrison red line stop is nearby. The ten story building draws many eyes  especially for the owl statues on top looking out over the [...]