Starfield Library

COEX mall recently got a new addition in May. It’s a library located in the Central Plaza of the  mall. It’s insane to go from the busy shopping and wandering the labyrinth that is COEX to a large open space with glass ceilings where you are dwarfed by giant bookcases (13 meters tall) filled with books. About 50,000 books, some of which you have to take an escalator up to see better. They also offer magazines (600 different titles including international and the newest issues), an e-book system and different events from poetry to children’s events and guest speakers.

There’s also plenty of desks and chairs to grab a seat and read what you want. Or to bring your work and chill. What better way to spend time relaxing at the mall then with a good book? All the books I saw were in Korean but it was a wide variety of Korean books. You also can’t take out the books. The library is open from 10am until 10pm every day. When I went it was pretty crowded which was the middle of the afternoon and a bit louder than most libraries which I account for the crowd, the high ceilings and the fact that it’s inside a mall. There is also a cafe inside the library space incase you get hungry or need some coffee to help you study.


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