Seoul Book Bogo 서울책보고

Seoul Book Bogo 서울책보고

Looking for something to read? Just want to wander around looking at books for awhile then grab a coffee? Want to see what the indie book art and zine scene looks like? Seoul Book book is a book depository with a little bit of everything for any kind of bookworm.

Budget shops in Tokyo

Budget shops in Tokyo

I spent about a week in Tokyo visiting friends. I was able to stay with a friend in their old fashioned tatami mat styled apartment outside of Tokyo. While I spent a disproportiante amount of time in Shibuya compared to anywhere else I had a lot more fun this time then last year. To get home I [...]


Mitsuwa is a Japanese marketplace in the suburbs of Chicago at 100 East Algonquin Road  in Arlington Heights. There are several other Mitskwa's spread out in California and one in New Jersey. Mitsuwa includes a bookstore, video shop, grocery, food court, and bakery. On weekends they tend to have special events. Books Kinokuniya I always [...]

Indy-Terra Cotta Warriors

I spent a day downtown Indianapolis to meet up with some friends. It started off with getting up before the sun rose to ride with my cousin on his way to work and to be dropped of in the circle(Monument Circle which is a circle road that goes around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument downtown Indianapolis). I [...]

CAKE: Chicago Alternative Comics Expo

Chicago Alternative Comics Expo, or CAKE is a free independent comic event. It is a weekend long event with workshops, panels, discussions, and a comics and art for sale. This year it happened at Center on Halsted located at 3656 N Halsted. The Center on Halsted is a LGBTQ  community center, and the largest in the [...]

Graham Cracker Comics

Graham Cracker Comics can be found throughout Illinois. (There are about 9) The location I've been to is in the Loop at 77 East Madison Street. They sell nerdy t-shirts, figurines and action figures, games, buttons, mugs, collectible cards, and of course comics, both well known and independent and local. The shop is shaped a [...]