Namiseom Island Children’s Picture Book Library


Sometimes I don’t find out when things are happening until really late. It’s like all the times I told Santa as a kid that I just wanted surprises has all come forth to this point in my life in an explosion of last minute trips and information. This one I found out about during lunch that after school we were going (just teachers) to the nearby island, Namiseom. Even though I live somewhat near it I’ve never been and was pretty excited to go but also worried I wasn’t prepared, because I didn’t have a clue what we were suppose to be doing.  Luckily it seems I didn’t really need anything. We took a ferry to the island. First we took a quick walk through the gardens to see the Ostriches then headed to the library.


I love books and I love libraries so I was pretty happy at the Children’s Picture Book Library. They had a couple of exhibits going on where they were showcasing children’s books from around the world and they had little bits of information about the book in English and Korean. They also had a ton of  children’s picture books from all over the world. It seemed like a really nice place for kids and one of the teachers who was with us said she’d brought her kindergarten students recently and they really enjoyed it, mostly the slide that’s in the library, but there’s plenty of books to read as well.


We didn’t really do anything else on the island, other than enjoy the atmosphere on the walk back to the boats. Since it’s getting colder they’ve put out fire pits to keep people warm, and in general the island seems to have a nice magical atmosphere that I enjoyed. I hope I can go back and see more of the island, maybe in a less muddy season. There are places to stay, places to eat and shop, and plenty more to see, but much to my surprise (again) we had other things to do that day, like go out for dinner and then celebrate a coworkers birthday.


The picture book library is open from 10:00 am-5:00pm.

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